We are always making something!

We started in 1995 selling online on our website WWW.LDBAGS.NET

We have grown since then and have found some great items our customers love. We decided it was time to open our shop on Etsy and offer our lightening fast embroidery. We can do large orders for cheer and gym teams as well as a small order of just one bag. We thrive on getting the job done quickly and correctly.

We ship all day every day, except Sunday. Usually we will get your embroidery out the same or next day. Our mail truck comes at 4PM, any orders in by 2 PM EST that all have all the information we need to sew, will be shipped in most cases.

We take pride in our brides! We love working with brides to make their day perfect and special. It is your special day and we work hard to get your bridesmaids gift "just right"

I design many of our items now while building our brand. So how do I come up with designs? Sometimes it is because I have a bag I use that just does not do what I want it to do. So, I sketch out what I want, send it to our plant, and make a few test samples. Then we monogram the item to see if it will sew like we want it to. Then we field test it. Will this item hold up? Is it durable?

Other times, I have an item in my mind that I want to make. I play with the design until I think it will work. There is a lot that goes into design. I have to make sure the webbing is the right size, that the fabric is the correct dernier. Where do i want pockets? I have to consider the monogram, we do not want a pocket where we will sew the monogram!

I also consider who I sell to. Since we do items for the Emmys, the Golden Globes and popular TV shows, I have to keep in mind that men are not going to want a flowery girly bag! Women are easy, we are versatile and like alot of designs. It is much harder to design one bag that I can change material on and it will suit a man as well. But we did just that for the Spring line! Did you know our double jewelry, cosmetic bag is the only one in the world? I designed it and manufactured it. The design has really taken off!

Once I narrow down the new fabrics for the seasons, we do test bags in the fabrics and bring them into our retail store. Some fabrics make it past our employees and customers, some do not. Some styles may not look good with a particular fabric. It takes 6-9 months from start to final selection for a season.

We are housed in a 7500 square foot warehouse. We have multiple commercial embroidery machines, that is our secret to shipping your orders so fast!

We have just added jewelry and T shirts to our line up. We make our jewelry in house and we design all our T shirts in house. We started with T shirts in our store. We sublimated right in the store and sold them in the retail store. That worked out well for us, but we needed a partner to print with a different process than what we do in house. We can now print on anything. We even print pillowcases in our store and pillows. Partnering with another printer opened us up to being able to print on a wide variety of substrates that our sublimation did not do well.

Thank you for stopping by our store! We appreciate your business.
We are open 9-4 Monday through Saturday Our Number is 843-947-0533

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